Wednesday, 21 May 2014

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four....

Yes, that white blur is sheep! 
Last night as I was sitting at my computer doing something or other (probably the other, I don't often do the something), I heard a drumming noise. Next thing I knew, a flock of sheep came running past and scooted into the field next door. I then heard a whistle and saw a farmer and his wife and their dog. The dog rounded up the sheep and shepherded them into the side road and probably into some field round there.  

In my back yard
Fast forward a few hours and I am getting ready for bed. I stand in the bathroom brushing my teeth, when I see some sheep and hear the drumming noise again! Sheep? At 11.30pm? Well, those sheep liked my garden apparently and made their way into it, eating grass, dropping droppings and then getting spooked and running out the other end. But since there were so many sheep this time, the house was surrounded! Oswin was transfixed: all these big white things that moved!! This country living might actually be something!

In or out? 
Anyway, when I drove to work this morning, I saw the sheep. Only about 150 meters from my home, by the side of the road, the whole bunch was standing and lying and whatevering. 

I love living in the country!


  1. Sheep! Living in the country does sound fun! Oh, and I love the photo of you with the tulips!

  2. I like small towns...they're almost country but not almost city. The best of both worlds.
    So glad you imported some sheep to amuse your cat. Excellent idea.
    Luv, Kay and Lindy

  3. Hari OM
    ..hhehehe, love Kay's comment! But surely you need a licence for livestock importation? I love sheepses. No sense of territory. Bless 'em. YAM xx

    1. Nah, no licence needed it seems. Just have an open garden and they will be fine!

  4. Wonderful adventure ! I would need some sheep to mow the lawn but without leaving souvenirs behind. Fortunately we have Oscar the lawn mower robot who is potty trained !

  5. A free grass-cutting service.

  6. It's great seeing sheep but I wouldn't want them in my yard leaving their droppings :(

  7. I had a few sheep run across the street in front of me when I was driving last summer. Never saw anything like that before.


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