Sunday, 11 May 2014


She first came into my life when I saw a nose peeping around my garden door. But she vanished almost as quickly as she had arrived. It took a about a week before she set a foot in the door. After about a month she had made her way to the kitchen where she would eat before scooting out again. Until I one day closed the garden door and trapped her inside. From then on I tried finding a home for her. I already had three cats and that was enough.

A few people could envisage having her. Mr Pepperfly fell in love at once, but alas, they had another cat that didn't tolerate strange cats in the house. A colleague would be willing, but the chances of her ending up mangled in a farm machine were too large. So, I finally named her, took her to the vet and she became my cat. Linette.

When I moved to Norway, she couldn't come. She was going to be living with Pepperfly and Mr Pepperfly. And might be coming to me later. But her disappearing for three weeks left her so thin and skinny that when she was due to come I got a firm no. Which I totally got. 

A year and a half after she finally moved to live with Mr Pepperfly (and Pepperfly), she became poorly. She had never had a great set of teeth, but basically by now she had only about two functional teeth left. One lung had stopped functioning and her weight had fallen again. The vet gave the news that it was a done deal. She would not live to see the summer. 

Last week, Linette became incontinent and the decision was made to humanely euthanise her. Pepperfly had taken her and was surprised and happy to see Mr Pepperfly arrive at the vet's, having raced all the way home. 

She is very much missed!


  1. What a lovely photo of Linette! Yes, Mr. Pepperfly didn't like the idea of letting her go without him being there for her. He loved her to bits (as I did, but...maybe he did even more...) and he was so glad he made it in rush hour. Linette dying in his arms was very sad, but beautiful at the same time...

  2. You and the Pepperflys really did right by her and gave her a good life.

  3. How fortunate for Linette to have so many humans that loved her so much.

  4. Sweet Linette - she had a good life, loved by so many.

  5. Hari OM
    Thank you for telling her story. Now she lives forever. YAM xx


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