Monday, 12 May 2014

And the winner is...

What do a trampoline, child abuse, a bearded lady (or a man in a dress), a roller skater, a government representative and two sets of twins have in common? Well, Eurovision of course!! And on Saturday it was time again for the annual music fest.

This year I had watched a preview show, both semi finals and of course the final. During the preview show I saw all songs and was quite shocked at one, quite pleased with others and had made my mind up: Iceland and the Netherlands were my favourites. The semi-finals added a third favourite: Austria. 

Well, the Netherlands did quite well. In fact they got the top marks from seven or eight countries! I was screaming and shouting and being very very proud. They ended up in second place! Which was deserved. Because number one in my mind and apparently in Europe's mind was Conchita Wurst from Austria. A man in a dress and a full beard. And a fantastic song.

So, next year it's off to Austria. I wonder what songs are in store for us then!


  1. Riiiiiiihiiiiise liiiike a feeeeeeenixxxxxx! So good. I really like that song. Ordered the cd yesterday. Woohoo...nobody wants to be in the car with me the following weeks. Months.

    1. I must admit the first time I heard it, I was completely distracted by the beard. But once I closed my eyes and just listened to the song: LOVE!!!

  2. Hari OM
    Hmmmmmm. Ah well. Not my taste, I prefer the ballads so still think Nederlands were robbed...... I must say though, overall there were only about half a dozen this year I truly couldn't stand which means the standard was pretty high. It was an entertaining and worthwhile night. YAM xx

  3. Amazing voice but definitely different!!!


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