Monday, 20 January 2014

The monk and the crocodile

I had to work last Saturday. Not unusual at all. It happens more often. Usually Saturday is rather a quiet day, unless it's nearly Christmas and then it's mayhem. It wasn't nearly Christmas though and it was rather quiet. As I was making yet another trip to the center of town, I all of a sudden noticed a man standing on the corner. Which is not unusual. At all. There are several men living in this neck of the woods and occasionally one of them will stand on a corner. This man was different however. 

This man was a monk. Now, Haugesund is not known for its catholisism. Yes, there is a Catholic church, but I think my house is about the same size! So, seeing a monk in the center of Haugesund was quite strange. The thing that made it funny though, was the fact that he had apparently lost his way (not the funny part) and was checking his i-pad or whatever it was he had in his hand to find his way! Which I thought was very funny. I am easily pleased!

As I was leaving the center of town again, I was picking up people to go to town (it's a round trip bus really). Two girls got on, just before teenage age. The first girl handed me some money for her ticket and it felt funny. I turned the ten-kroner coin over and there it was: a crocodile! There was a crocodile sticker stuck to the coin. I peeled it off and told the girl (who had already sat down) that she had forgotten her crocodile. Well, I may be easily pleased, but so were those two girls: they giggled all the way to town! 


  1. and I was expecting a monk with a crocodile on leash when I saw the title and started to read, lol !

  2. Cute story, wonder if the monk found his way.....

  3. Hari Om
    hehehehehehehhe Me too. Easy laughs. All you have to do is know how to people watch, and clearly you do!! YAM xx

  4. I once saw a Buddhist Monk in a shopping mall. I found that pretty amusing, even though I knew there was a Temple not too terribly far away.

  5. It's good to be easily pleased.

  6. Laughter and smiles are always good.


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