Tuesday, 7 January 2014

One at a time

I should have made one resolution: be a better blogger. Because I have been awful lately: not posting anything at all. Even my sister commented just now. We talked for a while on skype. Or at least tried to, since my connection was a bit on the iffy side. 

The reason we talked was 1. we are sisters and 2. I had booked a flight to go and see her. Yes, one of my bucket list 2014 is about to happen. Not for another three months, but when in April I will fly to Oslo and then on to Dublin. Back will be from Dublin to Copenhagen to Oslo and then home. Easy it ain't!!

I also got other news today: my request for a few days off to go and see the military tattoo in Oslo has been granted, so tomorrow I will get on the phone and try and get all that sorted. For some reason I can't book a seat for the event online, which is annoying to say the least. 

So: numbers 3 and 4 are a definite go! April and May are sorted. Apart from that: next month will see my friend Pepperfly taking a plane to come and see me for a few days. Exciting. And then there is the thing happening this Saturday. It is on my list, but I won't tell you which one it is!! You will have to find out for yourselves. 

Other than that not much is happening. The rain is ever present here, although the outlook does seem to be a bit better early next week: dropping temperatures and more importantly: no rain. Yesterday was my first day off of the new year and I enjoyed it by doing not much at all. Which is the best way to celebrate a day off in my opinion. 

The photo at the top was taken before Christmas. And no, I wasn't visiting Russia. Although they did sell potatoes. Very special potatoes apparently, since every time I drove past (from 8am to 3pm, several times) there was a huge queue. I had seen it before, but had never taken a photo of it. This time I just stopped the bus and took one. 


  1. Hari OM
    glad you did, for 'tis a fabby foto!! Seems the year is getting well under way, even if with a hiccup or two. Stay warm. Stay dry. Enjoy Saturday - ...hot date????? YAM xx

  2. Well your going to be busy and your actually working on you bucket list. Way to go! I need to make a bucket list and dream about it......


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