Monday, 7 October 2013

Retail therapy

I love those types of signs!
This one found in Ystad
Don't get me wrong: I love shopping. Put me in a bookstore and pick me up a couple of hours later and you will probably have to search for me and my pile of books. Artsy, knick-knacky shops are great too. But I am not too fond of clothes shopping. Two reasons: I have enough clothes and I need larger clothes which most shops don't have. 

And yes, they did sell hats!
So, when I was on holiday with four other women and we were going places, I got bored real soon by going in and out of clothes shops and shoe shops. Especially when it was almost the same shops in every town! I went ahead, looking at other shops. Bookshops, artsy, knick-knacky shops. I was tempted to buy more copies of Pride and Prejudice (I think I have four), but resisted. I was tempted to buy beautiful artsy things, but resisted. 

It's water and bread (with home-made jam) for a few months now!
Not always though. I actually had to buy another suitcase to get everything home! I think I got 8 books, a milk jug and sugar bowl, lovely red coral and silver earrings, two small serving trays and a host of other small things I don't need (although books are something a person needs. Always). 

Meeting up with my friends for tea/coffee, lunch/dinner
This was not one we went to, but I liked the sign
The average town does not consist of lots of bookshops (two if you are lucky in a smallish town) and artsy, k-k shops. Which meant that my shopping was fairly limited. Which in turn led me to use my camera. On the buildings, on the art, on the surroundings. I walked lots, saw more and in the end came back from my holiday with over 500 photos! I promise I won't show all...


  1. Well...I sure hope you will show us some! :-)

  2. Sounds like you did a pretty good job shopping....can't wait to see what you bought!

  3. Great photos. I can hardly ever resist going into a bookstore :-)


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