Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Oh dear...

I do apologise! You would think I had mended my ways and it certainly seemed that way, but in the end, I hadn't. I didn't visit any of your blogs and I didn't update my own. I even missed Photo on Sunday!! What my world is coming to? I don't know! 

But do you want to hear about the boring day to day life I lead? Getting up early, driving to work, working, driving home, feeding myself, watching television, going to bed? Because that is basically what I have been up to lately. Honestly. 

Although, honestly? I have been doing something else as well. I have been knitting as if it's going out of fashion. Which, by the look of all the magazines and books about knitting here in Norway is not likely to happen any time soon. Yes, I have been knitting socks. And lots of them. Five completed pairs so far (adult ones) and one children's sock, the other one isn't finished yet. All with the yarn I bought in Sweden or the Swedish yarn I bought in the Netherlands. 

The Swedish yarn I bought in the Netherlands is actually my favourite to knit with and I thought it would be easy peasy to find it over here! Not so much. Yes, I can find it, but only in boring colours like blue and yellow and green. And I prefer my sock wool in a variety of colours: three different coloured threads worsted together. Not one after the other (plentiful here in Norway), but at the same time. In the end I resorted to good old internet and after some serious searching I finally found an online thingymebob that now has an order for wool from yours truly. 

Because I have an order as well: one pair of men's socks size big. And he is not into purple or pink (which I still had), so new yarn it is: brown and blue and black and grey. Like the second pair from the left. 

But isn't that child's sock adorable??


  1. I think you need a cat who keeps you busy and annoys you a little then life is less boring !

  2. You may not be mending your ways but you are mending socks -- sort of. And this post really socks it to us.

  3. So, one of the red socks has a slim purple collar on it. Is that so you can tell left from right?
    I'm sure your life won't stay boring for very long, if I know you. Wish I had more Badlands photos to post for you, but I'm pretty sure I've used them all in one meme or another. Will have to send Dick out there with his camera again.
    Luv, K

  4. Love the socks, you doing a great job on them and yes the child's sock is very cute!

  5. Love the socks! Girl, you are just the most talented, diverse person! So pleased you took a few moments to visit my blog. It is not boring at my house these days! Well, my house for 8 more days.


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