Monday, 2 January 2012


Isn't it strange how on only the second day of the new year, you think: it's the same as last year! Nothing is different. The alarm went off at midday exactly (in the Netherlands every first Monday of the month the alarm goes off, so we know the sound and react when it sounds at a different time), the weather is still the same old weather and I still sit behind my computer thinking of all these great ways to spend my time and not doing much about it. It's a good thing it wasn't a resolution or I would be in trouble already!

Tomorrow will be my last day off before I am back to another bout of work. School runs probably and not much excitement. But on the plus side: my head is a haven of tranquility right now. It's actually so quiet in there right now I started having funny dreams again. I always do when I don't have anything to do really. And the one I had going from 2011 to 2012 was a doozy! Dreaming of having dinner with a lot of biathlon stars is always good, but for the first time I also spoke Norwegian in a dream. A good omen I hope...


  1. I have the opposite going on in my head. A severe case of "it's the new year and these are all the things I want to do with myself". Unfortunately, the list is longer than anything I could possibly get done.

  2. I hope it is a very good omen sis.

  3. Happy new year Mara. (I'd try and say it in Norwegian but I don't know a single word.)

  4. Holidays are over. Back to the daily grind tomorrow for me.

  5. As long as you manage to stay in bed when you're dreaming and not go walkabout on a roof ;-)

    Having dinner with biathlon stars and speaking Norwegian? I'd pack my suitcases if I were you! I'm sure your future lies in Norwegian biathlon!


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