Thursday, 12 January 2012

'Best of 2011'

I had the Photo Theme for Thursday on my blogroll on the baby for ages and forgot a bit about it. But when I looked at it again the other day, when I was using the baby, I thought: I have to remember this, because it sounds just right for me. And this week's photo theme is 'best of 2011', part 2. I missed part 1, but never mind, part 2 will be as fine!

I posted it before and it features on my annual 'Over Mara's Shoulder calendar', because I absolutely loved it! It's a hoodoo which are found (amongst others) in the Badlands of Alberta, Canada. An area which I got to enjoy thanks to my great blogfriend Kay who took her dog and her car and met up with me near Calgary. And then she drove us out to the Rockies (day one) which were really nice and then to the Badlands (day two), which made my heart race and my eyes go into overdrive! I absolutely fell in love with that part of Alberta and actually went back there a few days later to enjoy it some more!

My first entry for the Photo Theme for Thursday meme!


  1. That's a fascinating rock formation.

  2. I have seen the badlands in the States, looks very similar. I loved it ! In Turkey there is also a place with these strange rock formations.

  3. It is beautiful and I was the lucky winner of one of your calendars!

  4. What a fantastic landscape!

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Badlands, because our trek into the hills didn't provide any wildlife. And of course, you've seen the Alps, so the Rockies were just more mountains, but hoodoos were something new.
    Still wishing you could move to Canada. I need a minder and nobody in Canada is willing to take care of me. Do you suppose that qualifies as a certified job offer?
    Ah well, we'll just have to visit you in Norway.
    Luv, K
    PS, we really do have something to mail to you, but it got spoiled when something spilled on it, so I have to get a new one. Sorry bout that.

  6. Such a great picture! I love it! I've never heard the word "hoodoo" before.

  7. I am surprised that you were more inspired by the badlands, but I also realize that mountains would probably not be new to you. When I was out that way, the mountains were very new to me, and I was in thrall.


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