Thursday, 22 April 2021

Love and hate

The other day I had found a quite nice walk only about a fifteen minutes' drive from where I live. The weather was gorgeous with sunshine and temperatures that were just perfect: around 15/16 degrees C. I put on my new hiking boots and off I went with my camera. 

Halfway through the walk, I saw a small herd of cattle, but not cattle you would normally see here in the Netherlands. Because they had horns and big ones at that. They looked quite pointy and sharp and dangerous. 

But apart from the pointy, sharp and dangerous, I also saw this small calf. It was in the distance, so I wasn't able to get the best photos, but I thought it was so cute. 

He ventured away from mum when all of a sudden it took a big run and then said hello to a play mate. It was just the cutest (remember the small pony baby from last week, on a par with that). 

I continued on my walk.

Something I do like to photograph are birds of prey. Especially in flight. So, when I saw this one, I started snapping. And I realised, it wasn't just in flight, it was also in fight!

Because I don't think it had been very nice. Trying to harass a smaller bird perhaps, or a nesting bird. Whatever it had done, it now had a several angry birds on its tail. Snapping at him, trying to get it as far away from them. The bird of prey was definitely the loser!


  1. Hari OM
    No doubt that raptor had been eyeing up the hatchlings of the other birds...

    And calves and ponies and all baby critters are 'awww' worthy!!! Those are indeed interesting cattle. I do like to see them with horns and not 'dehorned' as so many farmers do to their stock... though always wise to stand back if the cows are unfamiliar with you - especially if they have calves to defend! YAM xx

    1. We are not used to cattle with those horns. In fact, we are not used to cattle with any horns really.

      I do understand how sometimes they dehorn cattle for their own safety, but I must admit these horns did look quite spectacular.

  2. Whoa those look like Texas Longhorns...obviously they took a wrong turn somewhere.
    Aerial bulling is often seen here too an it gets pretty loud
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. I have seen those little birds chase the big ones and make their lives miserable.

  4. We enjoyed seeing those cute little calves. No doubt that bird of prey was in territory that the other birds didn't want him to be in.

  5. Glad you had a nice walk and I enjoyed the photos you took.


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