Friday, 30 April 2021


May 2014
When I first got Miss Oswin back in May 2014, they told me she was about 1 year old, but couldn't be entirely sure about when she was born exactly. Well, for the most beautiful feline in the whole wide universe, that was just not good enough, so a celebration day was picked. And what better day than a royal birthday? Like King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands?

On Tuesday it was King's Day in the Netherlands. The day when we celebrate the King's birthday. Normally there are massive parties everywhere, but because of something small and invisible that is keeping the whole world in its tight grip, the festivities were cancelled. 

April 2021
However, there were still plenty of Dutch flags and orange pennants everywhere. The village through which I walked had decorated a bit as well. It's a good thing having your celebration day on the King's birthday! And yes, she did get some new toys as well.


  1. What an honor for King William that he has his birthday on the same day then Oswin !!
    Happy Birthday !!

  2. Hari Om
    Oh, the divine Miss O - so long since we saw you hereabouts. Very glad you are looking very fine and that you had a bright day to celebrate your 7th meowday. I send you ether hugs and lots of whiskeries, with wishes for many more to come. YAM-aunty xxx

  3. She looks thrilled with the celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday, Miss Oswin! How great that the whole country celebrates with you.

  5. Happy birthday Miss Oswin! It's so sad that that crummy virus is putting a stop to all of our favorite holiday celebrations. We'll be so glad when this is all past us! Stay well!

  6. Clever idea to chose the same birthday as the King.

  7. Miss O owning her beauty in the photo. Klem


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