Saturday, 10 April 2021

Brom has a request


Well, hasn't it been a long time? Too long in fact. Mara says it's to do with something called corona. No idea what the sun* has to do with us not traveling, as I think that would be the perfect time to travel: when the sun is out!

Anyway. Mara says that it is not possible to travel much these days and it may be some time too. And even though we have some pretty amazing things coming up in the months ahead (Eurovision (will she get tickets?) in May and Mara's birthday (no, I am not telling anybody that you will be 50, honest!) in June), I would still like to see a bit more of the world.

So, I came up with a plan, but Mara says I have to ask you myself, as I am a big boy now. Can I stay with somebody in a country far far away? Please?? I don't eat much (only cakes), I love cuddles, I don't mind dogs or cats (as long as they don't slobber or bite) and I love planes, cars, bikes, buses, vans and even carts.


*The sun has a corona as well: check out this link


  1. Brom I'm 100% positive you will receive lots and lots of invitations...however, may I suggest it be Flat know as in a photo. I would truly hate to see you get lost in the mail. Over the last year our mail has become a BIG issue.
    They are discussing cutting back delivery times of first class domestic mail from 3 days to 5. Reducing number of days a week mail is delivered. This makes me think that international mail will be even slower.

  2. Hari Om
    ...errrmmm Brom-boy, I have to agree with Miss Cecilia about the post to the big western place. Three weeks back I received a card from her very own hands - she had posted at the beginning of December last year!!! Not to stop you travelling, you understand - but maybe to take out insurance.

    Of course, I would love to host you again - but outtings would be very limited now that I don't have a car. I do hope someone else takes up the chance to be your travel sponsor and that you get to be somewhere you've never been before!!! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. pee ess ... tell Mara that the new blog banner is brilliant!!! Yxx

    2. Mara says thank you, she quite likes it too!

      I don't want to spend three months in a box, that is for sure, so perhaps I can find some other way of traveling...

  3. Cecilia is right about the mail here. Most of the time it's OK. But not always. These days we don't go many places: just the supermarket, and work. Maybe you'd like to visit our back yard with Chester.

  4. Hi Brom! We would love to host you but are also concerned with your ability to get here safely. Of course if you use something that doesn't use standard mail services (like UPS or DHL) it might be a little more expensive but it might be safer for you to travel in. BTW we live just a few miles away from Chester so maybe we could arrange to have you visit with both of us in the same trip! (Our mom has ordered lots of yarn from Wool Warehouse in the UK. They always ship DHL and it gets here real fast and has full tracking.)

  5. That's a good idea I live around the corner so it's not interesting for you ! Corona in fact means crown in Italian I don't know who had invented this name ! Maybe because of the spikes on the Virus ! Or he has thought of the Statue of Liberty which has also a spike crown.


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