Thursday, 8 April 2021


This was taken on Easter Monday
Remember what I said last week? About that glorious sunshine and lovely temperature? Well, it is hard to remember what it felt like as only days later, the weather had turned completely. The temperatures plummeted to close to zero again and instead of a lovely summer breeze, there was now a gale force wind. Instead of a light summer shower, it was now hail and snow. 

Despite that, I did think it was a good idea to get out and walk. On occasion definitely thinking that I had gone completely mad. But, I wanted to try out my new shoes and I must admit to having that virtual stick behind the door as well. Which can only mean good things. Right?

The new shoes worked a treat. They were higher than I was used to (up to the ankle), but I found them very comfortable. In fact, my first walk in them was nearly 12 km (I miscalculated) and only at the end dit it start to be a bit iffy. Mainly due to the length of the walk and the fact that the shoe is very different from the other pair.

Then the day before yesterday I went out again. This time with a goal of nearly 12 km. And the iffyness was back within one kilometer. My ankles are not used to high boots and the knuckle of my ankle definitely not. When I finally got home after a so-so walk (wind and a lot of hail showers), there was a massive bruise on the knuckle of my right ankle. 

Spotted on one of my local walks, this was hanging outside
I went back to the store I got the shoe from and after a lot of prodding and such, we found that the shoe in and of itself was not to blame. Me going for those long walks without being used to ankle highs was more of a bother. So, now I wait until the bruise is not painful anymore and then I will start walking again in the boots. Shorter distances, so my ankles will get properly used to them. After that I can go longer distances again. In the mean time, the longer distances will be done with my other shoes.

Other than that, not much news. Well apart from the fact that my Dad got his first jab, we have gone solar and Brom wants to know when our walking holiday starts.


  1. You are persistent. Good luck with the boots.

  2. Hari OM
    Proper walking boots do take a bit of breaking-in, but it is definitely worth the effort as the support they provide will enhance your walking overall. Happy for dad, cheers to the solar... and Brom is getting itchy paws it seems! YAM xx

    1. They are really comfortable other than the little ankle thing. And the reason I went back to the shop was more a want to have my thoughts confirmed than to get money back or another pair of shoes. Unless they would have found a problem with the shoe of course...

  3. I'm very picky about shoes. I'd rather be comfortable even if it's not fashionable.

    We got snow on the Thursday before Easter. Here in WNY, we can get snow as late as May!

  4. You can always sent the bear over again.

  5. Oh my, I hope they do work out for you. Sorry that happened. I love forsythia bushes and yellow is my favorite color!

  6. We are roasting with near summer like temps today (about 27C). Too bad the new shoes are hurting you but we bet after you start out slowly again they will be fine.


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