Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Our second trip

The Jacques Brel Youth Hostel in Brussels
In 1996 my sister and I went on our second trip. I had recently moved out of our parental home, yet still seemed to find the money to go on this holiday. We went to Belgium and Luxembourg and saw a few things. Not sure how long it was we were away, but I think about 10 days. 

Me on the left, Gera on the right
We stayed in the youth hostel in Brussels for a few days and saw some of the city. I can't remember that much of it, and we certainly weren't that touristy yet. I think we both preferred shops at that point, but without any money...

Fixing the light
After that we made our way to Luxembourg. We stayed in several youth hostels there, in Luxembourg City, Echternach and another one (Ettelbrück?). In Luxembourg City we visited the casemattes, which was a climb. I remember being stuck in traffic in that city as well, and the ambulance that just kept on howling and never got any closer. 

Lunch on our walk
Our second stop was in Echternach, which had always been on the list even when we still went on holiday with our parents. From there we walked to the next youth hostel and the day after that we walked back. That hike taught me one thing: when using the great outdoors for a bathroom, always check what you hover over. In my case it must have been something that bit as there were some strangely located sting marks...

Rummicub: a must on holiday!
There was another stop we were due to make in Luxembourg, but it had completely changed from when we had been there before. With our parents it had been a lovely out of the way youth hostel. But only a few years later there was a complete (holiday) village around it. The atmosphere had completely changed and we decided to go elsewhere.

It was that time in life where you had to use payphones to phone home
Our last stop was in Belgium again. We had booked the youth hostel in Tongeren, but when we arrived they said they didn't have the room. Well, they did, but that would mean two people in a 20-bed dorm. We got in in the end and had a lovely night in a really quiet room.

Overlooking Echternach from the youth hostel window


  1. Hari OM
    OOoh, we visited Luxembourg and Belgium on our family camping tour in the early 1970s. I remember being high in Lux, but not much else. Brussels sticks in my memory because of the discovery of the original pomme fritte! The Ardennes region was pretty. But other than that, neither of these countries are calling my name to return! YAM xx

  2. It was easier back then when you were young because you weren't too fussy about accommodations. Now, as for toilets . . .

  3. Looks like a fun time. Very brave travelers.

  4. It sounds like you and your sister had a nice vacation.

  5. If I had a sister I'd want her to be as much fun as you and Gera are!! Such wonderful memories
    Hugs cecilia

  6. You two make good travelling companions it appears. I surely enjoy time with my sisters on just short trips. Peace, janice


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