Thursday, 24 October 2019

The hospital

As I was enjoying the early morning quiet today, my phone rang. Unknown number. I picked up without giving my name. It was the hospital. Ringing me because we had a phone appointment. I had forgotten all about it.

Anyway, she asked me how I was doing, whether I had had any ill effects of the operation and then she told me that the removed gall bladder had been sent off for examination. They do that with everything they remove from patients. 

Turns out, I had a chronic infection in the gall bladder that had probably been there some time. Weeks if not months or even longer. Had I ever felt sick? Well, after having eaten a bag of marshmallows I might feel queasy, but so do most people. 

Not only that, there was also still a stone in the gall bladder, which meant that if they hadn't removed it, it would have caused the same problems which first landed me in hospital. There was only mention of  'a stone', so whether there might have been more?

On the plus side though: there was no sign of anything cancerous, which is always nice. And of course, as the gall bladder has been removed, I should not have any more trouble. 

PS: Brom will be back soon with more stories and photos of Rome. There is still plenty left!


  1. I don't think you're going to miss that thing.

  2. That must be a relief. Always good to know why you were in so much pain. Better off without it.

  3. Hari OM
    Better out than in, it seems! YAM xx

  4. We're glad to hear you had good news from the hospital.

  5. Sounds as good news, the most important is that there is no sign of cancer !!

  6. Just as well. You won't miss that gall bladder at all.

  7. Great news! And you seem to be doing well.


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