Monday, 28 October 2019

Brom mostra di più


No! I didn't learn Italian, just that one sentence. It means that I am showing you more. More of Rome, because you may have wondered about certain sights.

And one of those sights that is really hard to miss is the Colosseum. Or as the guide said: Anfiteatro Flavio. Because I did listen to him. Even though by the time we got to the Colosseum, we were all quite tired. The two and a half hour walk had already lasted two and a half hours before we got to the Colosseum and we were still not done!

Part of the outside of the Colosseum
In the end Mara was defeated and we left the group and the guide to continue on their way. We went to find a place to sit and watch people go by. We chatted to a lovely lady, we saw people go by (jealous of our spot I think) and once we were a bit rested, we walked around the Colosseum ourselves. 

Where the cross stands now, the emperor used to have his place to watch what was going on.
It was big. Like really really really big. The guide had told us that there was room for so many people in the olden days, that if they would have used one door only, it would have taken them a day to get in and find their seats. Wow! But those Romans were clever and made so many gates, everybody could get in within twenty minutes. Much better.

From the inside you could see it was an oval, not a round
In the central area of the Colosseum there used to be trapdoors through which wild animals would have come up. Lions and bears and they would have had to fight with gladiators or Christians or each other. I think. It sounded not very nice, so I didn't hear everything. 

This wavy floor used to be flat before it collapsed.
It was the floor of the dining room and it was about four times what you can see here!!
The Colosseum stands in an area with a lot of other important Roman stuff. Like the forum, although there were a few of those apparently. The guide showed us a ruin that he said used to be the home of somebody. Their dining room was bigger and higher than our entire house! They sure did have some money, those Romans. Or stole some money...

We were quite tired after all that walking around and we weren't yet finished for the day either, because that evening we took a boat ride. More on that soon...


  1. Hari OM
    OMB, Brom, what an action-packed time you all had!!! What sights, what sounds, mind-boggling. Hugs and growlies YAM-aunty xxx

    1. We walked so much and we took buses and we walked some more and we took a boat and we walked... But we did see a lot!

  2. You deserve a quiet boat ride after all of that walking.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your tour of Rome. There sure are amazing things to see there.

  4. We're enjoying seeing all your beautiful pictures from Rome! Wow!

  5. Lovely post and it appears you had a very nice vacation.
    Mara I am so happy that infected G.B. is gone. Wow...that was a ticking clock to pain
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. That is a lot of walking for Mara and her sis. Without Mara carrying you I don't thing your little legs could keep up. That makes me wonder, do you use all four of your legs when you walk?

    1. That depends on where we are. When we were in the catacombs, it was sometimes easier to go on all fours, other times two legs is plenty enough!

  7. I am so impressed and kind of jealous. I would love to see the Colosseum. Your photos are fabulous!


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