Monday, 15 April 2019


In front of the train station in Groningen
When I first moved back to the Netherlands, I pretty soon saw an ad on the telly about a show. It was a show that I had always wanted to see, but it was quite pricey and of course I was without income! So, it was something to be done at some other time at some other place. But, I did promise myself that if I were to get a job before the show was finished in the Netherlands, I would try and get a ticket.

Well, I got a job. Which means income. And the minute I got the job, I sat myself behind the computer and checked out this show. Were there still tickets? How much dough would I have to fork out? Would I do it? The answers were: yes, a lot, YES! 

The stage
On Saturday I made my way to Groningen. By train as that was cheaper and cheaper still as there had been a sale of day tickets (day ticket was cheaper than a single ticket) which I enjoyed very much. First I did some shopping where I kept my money in my purse, then on to the theater where I was nice and early. 

I bought a program as I always buy a program. In fact I still have the programs of all the other shows I ever went to and bought a program from. I was seated quite high up, but still had a good view over the stage. And then the show started. Jellicle cats...

Yes, I had bought myself a ticket to the musical Cats. And not just any performance, a performance in English (with surtitles in Dutch) by the West End people themselves. I thought it was a brilliant show and well worth the lot I forked out for it. 


  1. Hari OM
    Hooraaah and mmmmeeeooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! YAM xx

  2. One of my favorites! Saw in on Broadway "back in the day"! Such a fun show!

  3. Good for you for treating yourself.

  4. How exciting. I've never seen it and would like to.

  5. Mara yay you and that is a production I'd love to see too.
    Good treat for your employed self!
    Hugs Cecilia


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