Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Of critters and things

We call them 'skull monkeys' in the Netherlands
The English name is squirrel monkey
My sister and I had decided that while she was here, we would do something fun. And there was plenty of choice as well. Amsterdam or nature or a zoo or something else altogether. In the end we picked a zoo. The Wildlands Zoo in Emmen. 

The zoo used to be in the center of town, but as they couldn't expand anymore, they moved to just outside the center. At times it was hard to see animals, because they would be asleep in the sunshine, under the trees, behind some rocks, in the water, in the trees or wherever they were. Other times we were able to get really close up and take some quite nice photos. I think so anyway.

Hippoppotma Hippopotpot Hippo
There were three distinct areas in the zoo: an area dedicated to water/cold with penguins, sea lions, polar bears. An area dedicated to jungle with monkeys, birds, butterflies, fish and Asian elephants. And the third area was dedicated to the plains with lions, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, prairie dogs, wallabies and some others. 

We walked around and I think our favourite was the jungle bit. The squirrel monkeys were 'loose' and you were able to follow them through the trees and bushes and on occasion get really close to them. Butterflies are always fun. 

Baboon mum and child
There were several rides as well. The first one left us decidedly underwhelmed: much work needed to make it halfway decent I felt. The second ride was a boat ride through a jungly bit which was good fun. Several species of monkeys, birds and the Asian elephants were visible. All indoors, so nobody could escape of course!

The camels basking in the sun of the derailed train
In the Serenga area we went on a safari ride. It took about five minutes, but it was good fun. The last ride we did was a rollercoaster. Even Brom screamed, but whether that was because I held him too tight or whether he was scared?

A turtle? Or is it a tortoise?
In Dutch they are both called 'Shield Toad'
We had great fun on our day out in the zoo. It was not like we remembered the old zoo to be, but on reflection, several areas looked a lot more natural. Giving animals more room and trying to mimic their natural habitat in any way is always good.  

King of the jungle having a lazy day


  1. I last visited a zoo more than 35 years ago. Could be some good photo ops, I suppose.

  2. Hari om
    That does look like it might be a decent place. Although I have a dislike of them I also know there is a place for zoos in education and conservation. YAM xx

    1. It was, although the old one seemed to have a bit more atmosphere. This one seemed to be a bit bare in places.

  3. Wow! I bet that was fun! We haven't been to our zoo in ages.

  4. You got some great pictures. We especially like the king of the jungle best. What a regal looking guy.

  5. Loved the walk along through the zoo!

  6. Sister fun is the best!! I love a good zoo trip too
    Hugs cecilia

  7. Love the photos. Looks like a fun time!


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