Tuesday, 7 August 2018

I want to you know!

My sister and I on our way to the choir competition
I really do. I want to write something today, but somehow inspiration has fled. Meaning I don't really have anything to write about. Really. 

But, let's start with the essential things: I am fine. After finally airing my feelings and even talking to my boss about them, I have become a bit easier within myself. Not great, but fine. The teary outburst I had at work probably helped as well: they had been sitting very high for about two weeks already!

Castle Ward in May
I have not heard from the other company as yet, well apart from an email by the person I was in touch with back in January/February saying he had moved on to another function within the company, but that he was going to pass my details on to the relevant person. 

As for the current job, the tears helped and the fact that they seem to be giving me fewer hours of late. Today for example I start in about an hour (5 pm) and finish around 10 I would say. Mind you, in the four days I did work last week, I still managed to accrue over 55 hours! There might be more hours coming my way this week as well, since this and next week are apparently quite busy. 

After our visit to the Marble Arch Caves in June
I scared myself and Miss Oswin today, by getting the vacuum cleaner out. Third time in a month of living here! Plus, I did the dishes and everything looks tidy. Not sure what has come over me, but I will 'enjoy' it will it lasts! It took Miss Oswin an hour of hiding under my bed before she deemed it safe to come out again though. 

Oh, something else: I have lost weight. I don't see it so much, but I definitely notice it: I keep having to pull up my work trousers. The stress of late plus a bad eating habit means that I have probably lost several kilos. Nothing like a bit of stress and loneliness eh?

Belfast Zoo in June
That's it! I have nothing more to say for the moment. I will leave you with some photos from my time here in Northern Ireland...


  1. Hari OM
    You know, Mara, one must also allow for an element of grieving for what was left behind. There were reasons to move on, that is accepted, but it all happened so quickly and sometimes the body and spirit have to catch up with where the mind took us!!! I'm glad you spoke with your boss, even if the only outcome was a decompression for you, it has still served a purpose. Onward to the next day... YAM xx

    1. It did happen very quickly and I never really got the chance to deal with it all. I might have been busier in Norway, but I did get the break-down a few years in. I just want to prevent another one.

      Onward from now on!!

  2. Dear Mara, I am very glad to hear you are feeling a little less sad. I hope you nose you have loads of friends in Blogsville!
    Loves and lick ykisses
    Princess Leah xx

  3. I hope that it has helped to get it off your chest, with your boss I mean.

  4. Crikey Mara ..... we've been hiding again and have missed your posts. We are so sorry to hear you have been having a fit of the miseries and we haven't been around to offer support. We will catch up on your posts very soon but in the mean time please know that our thoughts are with you and hope things are on the improve real soon.

    1. Thank you Mr Crikey! They are already a bit on the up due to opening up about it. With love and support like I have been getting from all over, what's not to go up?

  5. Glad you are doing well. Always a nice surprise to lose some weight. I love the photos, that Hippo is awesome!

  6. Good to get the cards on the table now before the situation gets overwhelming. Tears do cleanse the soul it has always seemed to me.Hope you continue on the up tick! Tell that handsome Brom and oh so lovely Miss O hello from Texas.

    1. Tears are good and they had been close to the surface for about two weeks by then!

      They say hi back!!


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