Thursday 26 February 2015


She never seems to get bored!
Being on sick leave is boring. Now don't get me wrong, I know I am on sick leave for a good reason. I have to recover from an operation. And my body is thankful for the rest. I can walk upright again (you should have seen me when I first got home, I needed a stick to keep me from falling over). The pain is getting less by the day. The infection is finally clearing up (although I now have a severe case of the itch thanks to the bandages). 

I even told my mother last night that I wouldn't have minded another visitor to stay with me for a week! And the people who know me, know that that is a GASP-moment! Since I usually get itchy after only a few days. But so far: one week with my sister, one week in the hospital and one week with my mum and I could still stand more.

The main reason of course is the fact is that I usually meet people on a daily basis. I go to work, I meet and talk to colleagues, passengers, shop personel. My head gets busy dealing with everything. I need to relax when I am home. But now I don't meet people on a daily basis. I don't go to work, so I don't meet any colleagues or passengers and I don't go to the shops. Well, hardly anyway! My head doesn't fill with new things. 

Instead I blog (one way of getting to my goal), I play games online, I watch television. I have plenty of books and a whole lot of knitting waiting for me as well. Yet, I am still bored. Or at least, my head is. Four more weeks. I had better start a project!


  1. Hari OM
    ....even thinking about starting a project is something.... &*> Certainly this is a time to find out how much you enjoy your own company. Or not... YAM xx

    1. I love my own company, but talking to myself for four more weeks will not be a good thing. For today however I have a job to do: the dishes!

  2. Invite a co-worker over for drinks?

  3. Yes, I would say you should get started on your knitting!

  4. That's a good sign that you are bored, that means you are feeling much better and the energy comes back, only the body is still on strike ! I am like you when I am forced to stay at home I get bored and furious !

  5. Shame you cannot Skype. That might at least let you talk to someone you can seel ; /


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