Monday, 2 February 2015

Mr Moon

It needs repairing and then I will try and make a copy!
It was a quarter to five this morning that I woke up. Mr Moon (which wasn't even full) was shining into my room. I got up, did my thing (ie feed Oswin, popped pills) and went back to bed. Mr Moon was not amused: he woke me up for a good reason after all! The operation Mara, the operation! 

Sorry to say Mr Moon, the operation will not take place today. And the new date is as yet unknown. They told me last week that the people in Bergen would contact me last week. Well, it's this week and still not a peep out of them. I called today and have to call back again tomorrow! Great!!

In the mean time, my sister arrived yesterday to look after me (yes: to look after me). She brought a mouse and a lot of wine. But of course I am most pleased by seeing her again with or without mouse and wine. She will be leaving next Monday and I doubt I will have been cut up by then. 

A new friend for Oswin
However Mr Moon, don't worry too much about my wellbeing after the operation. Remember that line I wrote out of sheer frustration, anger, disappointment and a whole lot more things I can't put into words? It's bad enough not having my mum around, but now nobody? Well, my mum phoned me a few days later and told me she would be happy to come to Bergen. We decided however that instead of her coming to Bergen and not being able to do much at all, it would probably be best if she were to come to my home instead when I get out of hospital. Whenever that may be!

Tonight however, I will close the curtains on you Mr Moon! No need to wake up so early when I don't have to go anyplace.


  1. Are you and your sister the same person?

    Keep your chin up.

  2. Glad you have your sister there for a week. Enjoy each others company! Very happy to hear about your Mom coming out when you have your surgery.

  3. Hari Om
    A poignant post Mara - Mr Moon is a fabulous confidante is he not? So glad mum can be there in appropriate time... YAM xx

    1. Well, he was more annoying than anything else! But I am happy my mother will be here. Now it's just a question of getting all the logistics done (cat, mum, me: look after, pick up)

  4. Your sister should have come a week later ! It's nice that your mom is coming after your operation, company is always good !

  5. So glad your Mum will be there with you at home. It is always comforting to have help!


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