Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday 13th

Are you superstitious? Do you avoid walking under ladders? Black cats? Do you throw salt over your shoulder when you spill some? And today being Friday 13th, are you staying in bed all day to avoid all those creepy bad things that will happen if you get out?

I walked under a ladder a few weeks ago. Unless I wanted to walk through soaking wet grass, it was the only way to get to my front door. Mind you, I did ask the roofer whether it was safe first. No need to get a roofing tile splitting my skull! 

I have met a black cat a few years ago. It preferred my sister, yet nothing bad happened to me: only weeks later I found this old wooden cottage I now live in very happily. 

And spilling salt? I can't remember ever doing that. I don't use it that much either, so no need to go throwing it over my shoulder! 

Today is Friday 13th and my mum is coming. I told her to get her luggage in Oslo. I hope she did, otherwise she will have to wear my clothes. Which are too big for her. I arranged a pick-up for her from the local airport. I hope they recognise each other. I sent a photo of the picker-upper to my mum and the picker-upper only needs to look for me, just a bit greyer.

But, hopefully Friday 13th will turn out to be a positive day. Because I hope (writing this on Monday) that I will be coming home today. 

Fingers crossed!


  1. I never paid attention to this nonsense. I lived with a black cat for 20 years and she only brought me luck. I don't care about the other things neither.
    I read your last posts, congratulations to get a new kitchen !
    I suppose you are home by now and wonder how you feel and how was your stay in a hospital ? Good that your mum is arriving ! The only surgery I ever had was a Caesarean.

  2. Hari OM
    Depends where you are too - in some parts, the black cat is considered lucky - which just goes to show its an empty threat! As for the ladders - well as you pointed out, that is just a case of common sense being turned into a mystery; the salt thing arose because for so long it was such a precious commodity and to spill it was considered as, at best, careless and, at worst, punishable - the throwing over the shoulder was to ward off the latter! I am sure you know the origin of the '13' conspiracy...

    Friday is just Friday and a fine day to be fetched home... Hope you are now reading this in warm comfort with mum putting the kettle on! (Hello Mara's mum hope your trip was good and uneventful...)...


  3. Fingers crossed, hope your home today and that all went well with your mothers trip.

  4. Never worried much before but today for first time ever I got stuck in a lift fortunately it was only for about ten minutes.

  5. Catching up. I hope the operation went well and that you are not feeling too badly and will recuperate quickly.


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