Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A visitor

As I was watching something this morning, I thought I heard a noise. Was somebody trying to get in, was somebody trying to get my attention? Miss Oswin didn't seem to be too bothered, so I forgot about it. Then a few minutes later, I heard a sheep! Oh no, another escapee! But, since Miss Oswin still didn't seem too bothered, I again forgot about it. 

Until I let Miss Oswin out. She was starting to play with things she is not supposed to play with, so it was time she got some fresh air. And there she was. In my garden. The escapee! Drinking water from the wheel barrow, eating grass, making sure the manure was well spread all over!

Since I don't know who the sheep belongs to, I can't ring the farmer. I know she should be in the field behind the fence, but in my condition I am not good in catching or herding a sheep. So, for now she can eat grass as much as she wants and if she wants to make sure the grass is well manured (is that a word?), she can do so! 


  1. Hari Om
    Manured is just fine - as is the shortening of the grass, which you can't go about mowing!!! However, the others may also decide your grass is greener... on the bright side, you have some actual critters to count in the event of insomnia. &*> YAM xx

    1. I promise I won't start mowing the lawn until April at the earliest, possibly May! As for the insomnia: so far so good. I haven't yet needed to count any critters.

  2. I love your new word. Creative, descriptive and very accurate!

  3. Smart sheep. She has your grass all to herself.

  4. Put a blue ribbon round her neck, find a treat she likes, give her a name and make her your pet. (I bet the farmer will come and claim her if you do).

  5. That's a nice visitor and on top a lawn mower ! Saves you work !

  6. Nothing like a visitor while one is recovering!


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