Friday, 20 February 2015

Getting out

I had been allowed (healthwise) to leave the hospital on Sunday, but alas I didn't have a way to get home, so Monday it was. Another lovely shower, breakfast, medication. The gynaecologist came by and this time I remembered to ask the things I had previously forgotten. Not only that: I wrote it down, so I wouldn't forget! The nurse came by to change the dressing on the wound and finally I was able to get my clothes on. 

Ehm... yes. Get my clothes on. Now, I should have brought jogging trousers or some such, but instead I had jeans. Big jeans mind, but my belly was swollen from surgery and there was no way I could close the zip and the button. I went on the hunt for a solution and found it in some cloth that was tied around the button hole and then over the button. Perfect. At least now I could walk around (in moderation) decently. 

The car came to pick me up and drive me about 500 meters. I had been in the quiet and smallish women's clinic, now I went to the noisy and large main hospital. There I had to wait for the bus that would take me home. Of course you might say: but wasn't there a bus on Sunday and there was. But that would have been the ordinary public transport bus, this was the Health Express. Kitted out with two nurses, room for bedridden patients, wheelchair bound patients and walk on-walk off patients such as myself. 

At the local hospital I was picked up by my colleague who drove me home where my Mum was already waiting, not quite with dinner ready, but almost. I had visited the pharmacy before going home and had received an amount of pills that had to be taken once, twice, three or four times daily! A bit of a puzzle, but we got there in the end. After dinner we watched some telly, I helped with the dishes and went to bed early. 

At home. At last!

To be continued...


  1. I just read your last posts and am happy that you didn't have cancer although it must have been a very hard time for such an energy full person like you ! But now the worst is behind you and you can recover ! At least you are home ! How nice that your mum is there ! I wish you a quick recovery !

  2. An extra day in the hospital after a surgery like yours is not a bad thing! I wish I had stayed an extra day after Emmy was born. The doctor said I could, but I was too anxious to get home, and then I had a lot of pain that night. Oh, well, live and learn!

  3. Hari Om
    How wonderful to have a home all warm and welcoming to arrive at... makes all that went before melt away. Hugs, YAM xx

  4. I am very happy it went well. And there is nothing like Mom's home cooking to make one feel better!

  5. Glad you made it home and your rides seemed to work out well. Hope your having a nice time with your mother. Continue with your great progress of getting well and looking forward to being pain free soon!

  6. It must have been a relief to get home, especially with dinner almost ready.


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