Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The dark ages

Once again I am sitting in the dark. This time however, it was expected. Although I had expected it an hour later. Fortunately I already had a fire going in my wood burner and the first candle was lit as well. Unfortunately I was in the basement when the lights went out and it is dark in the basement. Very dark! I had to feel my way around while carrying a heavy log basket!

Looking out of the window right now, I can see some of the other houses. All with their Christmas lights twinkling away and porch lights inviting people in. So, I wonder whether it is just me! Or are the houses that I cannot see affected as well? 

The mysteries of life. Or rather: of the dark!


  1. This whole post is a mystery. Why did you expect to be in the dark, and why are you the only one?

  2. Hari OM
    heheheh, well enquire, Anvilcloud! Nonetheless, the thought of pretty lights in the distance somehow made it magical too... YAM xx

  3. Sorry about that. I hope it all got worked out and it wasn't just you!


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