Thursday, 4 December 2014

One of those

There are days where everything goes smoothly. Today was not one of those. Today was one of those days where everything went a bit wrong. Not massively, not damagingly, but wrong nonetheless. 

I was tired to begin with. Then the keys to the bus were missing. I got a spare set instead. The first two trips went fine. No delays, no problems, everybody behaved. My third trip and fourth trip were on time as well. But there are some road works en route, which always cause a bit of trouble since it is a narrow stretch of road. 

The real 'pester Mara day' was still to start however. Lorries getting in my way, more roadworks, loads and loads and loads of children and to top it off: lorries in my way while I was trying to negotiate roadworks while the bus was still filled with a fair few children. 

I got back to the office and was asked whether I wanted to do some overtime. Today. The answer was no. My head was still reeling, my ears were still ringing and I was mentally tired as well as physically. Rest and Doctor Who (the first series ever) were in order. 

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully without lorries and road works!

PS: I didn't damage the bus (although it was close at one point), I left on time for every single trip and everybody behaved and was nice (compliments about my new Christmas earrings were plenty). Oh, and the hair was fine as well!!


  1. At least you know how to say"NO". Many people can't. I'd say that means you have a good sense of self -- whatever that means.

  2. Hari Om
    Chris beat me to it - knowing one's limits takes some presence of mind - especially when it is reeling! YAM xx

    1. I have learned my limits the hard way. Overtired and (on the verge of) being ill in December every year since I would just say yes to everything. But having grown up a bit (with the emphasis on a bit), I have realised it is wiser to occasionally say no.

  3. That was some day you had. Hope today was a better one and get the rest you need. Glad that everyone behaved!


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