Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Well, I got the tree up on Christmas Eve Eve (ie the day before the day before Christmas) and even though Oswin was quite interested in it, she only tried to climb it once: when it was still empty. Since she has more or less left it alone. But I did hang some of the unbreakable ornaments on the bottom. Mind you, if she were to climb it and it would fall over, having the unbreakables low on the tree wouldn't do it much good. Ah well, just have to hope it will be okay.

On Christmas Eve I had to work. I had an early (ish) start, since it was Saturday shifts. The day started off great, but it soon deteriorated. As I was driving along in my large green vehicle (the bus), somebody didn't see me and crashed into me! The damage was considerable and I got a hefty dose of adrenalin cursing through my veins as well. Fortunately it wore off quite soon, but it was a shock. Nobody was hurt though. I didn't have any passengers and the driver of the car was okay as well. 

The day got better after that. Hardly any passengers, so not much of a problem to stay on time. I found a krone (smallest denomination coin) on the street, there were gingerbread cookies and mandarins at work and all routes finished at 3pm. 

On getting home, I found a letter, a card and a package in the mailbox. And then another package hanging on the front door. The package in the mailbox was from a colleague and contained chocolates (not tasted yet, but I think they are going to be good), the package on the front door contained Christmas bread (or Stollen. Home made. And Yummmmmmmmy!!). The letter however...

The letter was from the hospital. Now, somebody from the hospital had been trying to get in touch with me last week, but I didn't hear the telephone in time. When I phoned back, it was the main switchboard and they didn't have a clue as to who had rung me. They would probably ring me back. So, I waited and then forgot. Until the letter came. I had my bloodwork done nearly two weeks ago and something was not right. It was too high (not quite sure what). The results are now in Bergen and it is now a question of where I will be operated? And my next question is: will it be the same day? Ah well, wait and see, no need for panic just yet!

The day ended on a plus though. I had been invited by a colleague to a Christmas dinner Icelandic style, so I made my way back to Haugesund and enjoyed shrimp salad, smoked and salted pork, apple salad, fried sweet potato and chocolate ice cream with berries and cream. And when I drove home later that night, the snow was coming down and when I woke up this morning: a White Christmas.

So, to everybody out there reading my blog: I hope you have a very merry (white) Christmas however you want to spend it!


  1. Hari Om
    it just turned 'boxing day' and I only just switched on... it has been hectic due to family company....sorry to hear about the crash but glad it was more inconvenience than a real 'stopper' ... tsk to the hospital thing, but as you say, it will sort itself out... and congrats on having good food and company!!! Enjoy your white holidays now... we have had a frost only - maybe tomorrow? YAM xx

    1. We had even more snow last night! It is now snowing/raining. So hopefully the roads won't be turned into rivers of ice!

  2. Our Christmas wasn't white, which is very unusual, although there was a bit of snow here and there left after the mildness and rain.

  3. It almost reached 70 F. here on Christmas. Obviously no snow. Hope you
    had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Your tree is lovely and glad that Oswin isn't that interested in it! So sorry to hear about the car hitting your bus and thankful no one was hurt. Sorry about your blood work, hope it is nothing serious. I will pray for you. Those sound like nice treats at your door! Also yum on that dinner, it sounds delicious. Love your White Christmas and I hope it was Merry & Bright!!!!


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