Friday, 19 December 2014


I went up to the magazine stand and saw that the new Donald wasn't there. I turned to the newsstand lady and asked why it hadn't come. It would come on Friday she answered. I realised it was only Wednesday! 

I knew it was Wednesday and yet realising it wasn't Friday upset my whole week. It ruined my Wednesday, it didn't do much for my Thursday and even today (being really Friday) it didn't quite sit well with me. Despite the Christmas porridge and the cake we got at work. 

On the plus side: I got some good feedback this week. Yesterday I was asked to stand for the Tide branch of the union. I declined (work, course, team leader, operation coming up: I think I have enough on my plate). And today I was told by one of my team that despite original reservations, I was doing a fine job and he liked working with me! 

Of course it is now Friday and I have the weekend off. Then only three days of work and four more days off (ie: no working on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or next weekend). Plus I am finally getting to grips with it being Friday.

By the way: even though the new Donald Duck magazine came out today (it being Friday), in the end I didn't even get it! Will have to get it tomorrow. Which is Saturday. I think...


  1. Yeah, when we lose track of the days, it can really mess with our minds.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh I am feeling ya babe - it's a bummer when the day turns out to be an imposter... but think; four days of Christmas Films looming... &*> YAM xx

    1. And the Strictly Final tonight and Doctor Who and Victoria Wood and lots and lots and lots more!

  3. Did you celebrate something this day and had a glass too much, lol ?

  4. Hope you have been enjoying your time off and that you picked up your magazine!


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