Saturday, 11 December 2010

Early to rise

Remember when I went to London and had to turn around with the channel tunnel in sight? Because there weren't any trains running and the ferries were too full and the roads in England were awful? If not, click here and read the horror story that was last year's trip!

But, the company I work for is not one for letting past trouble take them down and they are trying again this year. So, this morning at 1.30am my alarmclock went off! Around 2.45am I started driving and at 3.35am the first people were on board. A few more pick-ups and then we were off to Calais to catch the train. Hopefully everthing will run smoothly and I should arrive in London at around 2pm, giving the people enough time to shop.

So, wish me luck and feel sorry for me today.


  1. Good luck and I do remember
    Wish I was on your bus

  2. Good luck! Enjoy the new tourist attractions in London, won't you?

  3. Good luck and don't get messed up in some student riot, ok?

  4. Best of luck and have fun(?) shopping. If you get a chance to instead of driving the entire time.

  5. Good luck. Do you shop too? It sounds like fun to me but I'm not the one driving!


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