Tuesday, 5 October 2010

L is for...


Now, I might shock you here, but London doesn't exist. Yes, I know it's on all the maps and it's on all the signs leading into London, but once you get there, you're not there! There aren't any signs saying you have entered London! There are signs for Peckham, Lewisham, Wembley, Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and lots and lots more, but the closest one to London is 'City of London'. So, I always tell people London doesn't exist!

Yet, it does. Because London is the collective name of all those villages and cities. You could almost say that everything that lies within the boundaries of the great and awful M25 (the surrounding motorway) belongs to London.

Either way, whether it exists or not, London is a fantastic place to visit and since over 8 million people call it home, it mustn't be too bad to live there either!

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  1. Ha, I knew exactly what you meant before I read your explanation.
    Great minds think alike and all that.
    Actually, I've never been to London, or to any of the little places within it. When I was in Oxford with my parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law, they all got on a train, went to London, rushed around taking pictures and getting exhausted, while I stayed behind and did the Oxford double-decker bus tour twice.
    When I go to London, I want to REALLY go to London, stay for a while, do some things. Hopefully, Dick and I will get there some day.
    -- K

  2. LOl- we have the same thing here- Orange County holds cities all inside it.
    London doesn't interest me as much as the outskirts. I don't know why- but someday I suppose I will fly into there.

  3. Always fun to learn the interesting history of cities like London. I've traveled a great deal in my life, but unfortunately, London was one place I missed! Do have friends there and I know I would enjoy a visit! Have a great week!


  4. wow,
    collective reflection on London.
    cool L post.

    here is mine:

  5. What an interesting and teasing post. I actually never knew all that information, so thanks for sharing it on This The L Day.

  6. How very interesting... now I'm smarter than I was before.

  7. I always love joining this meme, it gives me an insight of some places not known to me .. interesting..

    ABC Wednesday Here

  8. Yes. In the US you have metro areas that are larger than the core cities. interesting geography lesson.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. I want to go there because I've heard of all the fog they get. I love fog. Have you ever driven into no such thing as London during a fog storm?

  10. Did you take that photo at the Barbican?
    London is one place I avoid if I can unless it is for a special event or to visit one of the museums. So much noise gives me a headache and exhausts me. Sorry, cities are not 'my cup of tea'. But don't hold it against me.

  11. I learn something new every day. No, I don't, but I do learn some new things from time to time.

  12. Great L post! Who'da thunk?

  13. Oh yes, love this post! It's my home town!

  14. That is an interesting fact. I would love to visit London.

  15. Even though it doesn't exist, I love London. Not as much as I love Edinburgh and Oxford (both places do exist), but still... Great place!


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