Monday, 25 October 2010

Just call me Countess of Holland or Queen of the Franks

Do you see the resemblance?
Did I just tell you my ancestors were poor? Well, right after I wrote that, I started digging around for one of the last ancestors I still didn't have any information about. I was able to go back another few generations and I hit another wall.

Well, I was able to scale that wall. Boy, did I ever! Poor? Us? Well, not all of my ancestors. Because I found counts and dukes and even kings in my past. I am a descendant of the Count of Holland (Floris II), the count of Friesland, of West Friesland. Dukes of Worms (Germany), a senator to Rome and a proconsul to Africa in 395aD!!

I thought I was (nearly) done and then I stumbled upon this treasure. Again a lot of work, but I am loving it!


  1. Wow! I think Countess suits you very well.

  2. I can trace back to william the conquerer- maybe we are relatives since royalty married royalty :) how fun!
    the thing for me wasn't necessarily the people, though that is fun, it was the blood, the ancestry- the group I was from. I claim Norway first since my grandfather was 100%- and their stories are so cool

  3. You're certainly making great progress.

    I think many of us would have important ancestors if you go back far enough because the powerful guys really got to spread themselves around -- so to speak. 16 million men apparently carry Ghengis Khan's DNA.

  4. Howdy there, Countess, what's up?
    That's super, Mara. I think Anvilcloud has it right, though. Europe is a small place compared with, say, Canada, for instance. People moved around. Kings and Queens were carried around. Kings had "rights" to every milkmaid they saw, so 16 million men descended from Ghengis Khan might be reasonable for a place the size of Asia.
    However, I'm happy for you, and will gladly call you Countess or Queenie, whichever you prefer, when I see you.

  5. Oh, that's fantastic to be able to trace back that far. I started mine but have only got back four or five generations and on one line I have a complete blank. I'm looking forward to retiring to have more time to search.

  6. Definitely add the countess title. And PS. If those curtains in the back ground of your banner pic are the ones hanging in your window they are definetly yellow, not grey. Carolina is on crack.

  7. I agree with Ginny Marie. Countess does suit you. How awesome to come across all of that information.

  8. Wow - I've only gone back about 500 years and no one rich so far. There were a few hangings though!

    There's a blog award waiting for you - - dear Countess/Queen!!


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