Friday, 29 October 2010

Finishing up

Since my dress wasn't fitting enough for the occasion (I don't have a photo of me in my truly fantabulous dress still hanging in my closet and long undersized (like the dress from yesterday by the way: I am so thin in that photo)), I couldn't finish my speech, since I had to get off the stage, because I didn't look like a nice strawberry tart (BREATHE!). But I had a bit more written down on my card, so here goes...

"I want to thank my cats Wuppie, Mathilda, Sophie and Linette for giving me love and cat kisses and waking me up in the middle of the night on occasion because they fell out of the window. I want to thank all my readers and followers for thinking my writing is good enough for them to read and follow. I want to thank all my commenters (in this case of course Anvilcloud gets a special mention), who tell me what they are thinking and keep me on my toes. Which is a stupid expression, since I don't write well while on tippy toes, I do much better while sat down on my behind. 

 I will try my best to continue to be worthy of these awards and be able to keep thanking people in the future. Thank you all!"


Any weighty (and not so weighty) comments are welcome!