Saturday, 30 October 2010


For some reason the people at Club Med think it's great fun to get dressed up. So, during my two seasons working as a GO, I dressed up on numerous occasions. Sometimes there was a directive as to how to dress: for example black and white, red and white, flowery or male/female, where all the women had to dress up like men and the men had to dress up as women. When you were in a show, you were dressed up with whatever the show required, although there was one outfit that was especially made for me (I showed it last year).

And then there were the living paintings, where they would set a theme and both the decor and the GO's would be in that theme. So, a lot of years ago (1991 to be exact), during the autumn we had a Eastern/Saharan theme. Lots of sand, good-looking sheiks, camels and harem girls. I was one of the harem girls and I was absolutely freezing! Being dressed like this ànd sitting in front of the front door which opened out to minus ten degrees Celsius is not my idea of fun. 


  1. Oww, that would make you freeze alright! Where was this cruise? You don't look very happy in the picture, either. ;~)
    Look -- I've finally figured out how to make a signature so I don't have to type "Kay, Alberta, Canada" every time I comment on someone's blog. Now it's easy, so I included the name of my blog as well.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Oh, Club Med, not a cruise. I wondered what a GO might be. "Girl Officer" sounds kinda sexist.
    -- K

  3. Instead of turning into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, sounds like you turned into an icicle.

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  4. I'd definitely have chosen the camel costume for that night. Nice and warm and furry. You did look good in that outfit though ;-)

    (thanks for the email :-) I'm okay!)

  5. Great costume! But why don't they ever do that stuff in the summer?

  6. You look good - but not very happy!

  7. You would have really froze here last night, even in a thicker costume. It was durn cold.

  8. Being cold is never fun but you look awesome!


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