Monday, 4 October 2010

Blogging is fun!

When I first started blogging ooh, five years ago now, I started to blog to mainly keep my family informed about my emigration plans. However, my blog quickly turned into a place where I would keep my family and friends informed about what was happening in my life in general. They sighed with me when there was something to sigh about, they laughed with me (and sometimes at me) when there was something to laugh about and perhaps they even cried on those occasions when there was something to cry about.

Of all the people who read my blog on a regular basis, I've only met a few people in real life. Pepperfly (who keeps a Dutch blog), my sister (her blogging habit has almost died out), my parents and a few friends and family. Until Carolina that is. Who, even though never having met me, was willing to make the trek in Bob to come and insult my curtains and help me with my garden (and really putting a lot of work into it). I think we hit it off, having the same taste in (British) comedy shows and a similar sense of humour. 

Of course it's more difficult to meet others. And the reason for that is of course the water. A small stretch to the British Isles (they swim across it, haven't they heard of boats?) or the large stretch to the North American continent (no swimmers here). You don't cross it just to have lunch. Yet, that is exactly what will happen in the spring next year! 

Kay Davies who claims herself to be unfit, will be travelling to Europe with her husband then and she wants us to meet up for lunch! How brilliant is that? She can't be all that unfit if she is willing to spend hour upon hour on an airplane to meet me (oh and then go and holiday in France, but that is just a minor thing). 

So, I just want to say: Gera, I love you for setting me on to this blogging thing. It's fun!!!  


  1. Tried this once, but it didn't post.

    I have met a couple of bloggers and it older days, one email pal. Results have been positive.

  2. How lovely! And you've got plenty of time to prepare for Kay's visit ;-)

  3. I love you to pieces and hope that someday we will also meet in person. You are very special to my heart and am blessed to have you.

  4. You make me laugh, Mara.
    I love to see the world, but travel is very exhausting and painful for me. That's why I am writing a book called An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel, to show that it can be done, within the limitations imposed by a person's degree of unfittedness. (Chapters 1-18 are in my blog starting November 2009.)
    I am very much looking forward to seeing you next spring when we are in the Netherlands. I love your sense of humor, not to mention your good taste in wanting to want to move to Canada. ;~)
    See you then!

  5. How fun! I'd love to have the opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers. One day, Mara, I might just swim across the Channel.. it's not really that far and you can pick me up in your bus the other side ;-)

  6. I just love how blogs connect us- even if we don't meet in person.

  7. That is so awesome and sweet. I would surely want to visit with you if I traveled out your way. I think we would have fun together.

  8. How fun is that?!? I'd didn't know your sister got you into blogging. I think I have some work to do with my sisters now. :)

  9. Do you think blogging in English has something to do with the fact that blogpals are usually on the other side of a pond? ;-)

    Exciting to meet another blogfriend :-) (I felt that I already knew you when we met.)


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