Saturday, 8 May 2010


This post was supposed to show up on Thursday! It obviously didn't!! Tomorrow there will be more photos and stories...

Well, we were promised WiFi, but that means taking your notebook to reception, buying a very expensive ticket and going online! In other words, very annoying!

But apart from the annoying, I wonder whether I would have had the time to go online at all. Spending time with my family, going to a kitty park, Disneyland and Paris and still more of that to come! Now, if the temperatures would be any good, it would be even better, because on Monday especially I knew exactly how an icicle must have felt this winter: FREEZING!!!

However, we are a brave family and with a pair of socks at night and a new swanky Paris sweater, we will survive even this cold! A few photos until Saturday or Sunday (when I get home) will have to serve you until then.


  1. How exciting (not the cold)! Have a wonderful time :)

  2. Is it freezing everywhere right now?


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