Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Self glorification

I was lucky I had taken my camera with me to work yesterday. First of all because that way I could take a photo of the car I ran in to (oh no!) and second of all, so I could take photos of my colleagues. And I even managed to get a colleague to take a photo of me. I quite liked the one he made, although I did crop it to show off my incredibly beautiful self. Even with the wrinkles that look like dirt!!

PS: and no, I am not frowning. That's another one of those experience lines. I guess nobody will ever take me for a 16-year old again. Not until I botox the life out of my face anyway...


  1. You have a driver's licence, although... bumped into a car?, so you must be 18 at least.

    Can you believe people think Botox makes them look more beautiful? Scary.

  2. I bumped into a car. Who would have thought people parked their cars in parking bays? I wasn't paying enough attention and the rear end of my articulated bus had been going more and more towards the car. And then it stopped...

  3. The bad and sad news that I have for you is that the wrinkling process has only just begun.

  4. Your not going to botox yourself!!
    Nice picture, I want to see your eyes.


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