Sunday, 30 May 2010

And the winner is... (because you really want to know)

Well, there were butterfly-dresses (Belarus), men jumping about (France), see-through pianos (Romania), big dresses filled with big singers (Ireland, Iceland), slinky dresses with even slinkier girls (too many) and a man with a guitar (Belgium). If you played a drinking game where you had to down a shot every time a violin was used, you would have been drunk by the tenth song. The Russian entry was just weird with a guy just teetering on the off-key, the Norwegian entry was nowhere near as good as last year's, the Spanish entry was disturbed by some idiot who climbed on stage (they got a second chance) and the Serbian entry took some getting used to, but it turned out to be my favourite.

However, none of those countries was victorious. In the end Lena from Germany with her song Satellite got the top spot. Next year, Hamburg...


  1. She sounds very contemporary -- which is not necessarily good IMO. But it`s probably very good for her, particularly with her looks. I guess English really is the Lingua Franca.

  2. She is very cute. Congrats to her!

  3. A nice song but maybe not as memorable as some in the past.

    Not weighty enough maybe?


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