Sunday, 23 May 2010

Promises and strawberries

I made you all a promise: I was going to make Misfit's dessert and tell you all about it. So, yesterday I went to the store to get all the other ingredients I needed. I wouldn't need the apple jelly for the strawberry shortcakes (which I wanted to make) and concentrated on the chocolate etc.

Well, I had everything in my little basket. The sugar, the chocolate, the cream. The only thing missing were the strawberries. Which the supermarket did have. But paying €3,49 for 500 grams (about US$4,39 for about a pound) is not something I am willing to do. Unless I live on the South Pole. Which I don't!

So, I have to break my promise. No dessert today. At least, not the strawberry shortcakes! Sorry...


  1. I agree with you on that one! If it's not on sale I'm not buying it!

  2. And they often don't even taste like strawberries.


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