Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sha la lie sha la la

There's the Superbowl, the Olympic Games and the World Cup. And then there is the biggest party of Europe: the Eurovision Song Contest! Every year in May most of the European countries will send a delegation to perform a three minute song in front of millions and millions of people! It started small with only a handful of countries sending two or three songs, but now there are nearly 40 countries (yes, there are that many in Europe). In the past the song had to be in your native tongue, nowadays you can choose.

Because of the large number of countries there are two semifinals in the week leading up to the proper contest. Only four countries are always in the contest: Spain, France, Germany and the UK (because they co-finance the whole thing). And of course the winner of the previous year who has to organise the whole thing. Unfortunately we haven't won last year (we didn't get through the semis), so this year we had to do the semis again. Well, Sieneke (our entrance) is home watching the contest! Her song didn't make it.

Winners of the past are: Abba (Sweden), Céline Dion (for Switzerland), Lordi (a very heavy rock band from Finland), a transvestite from Israel (the only non-European country to compete) and Johnny Logan (twice) from Ireland. That last country is actually the most succesful, having won the competition seven times!
Basically the ESC is a guilty pleasure. I've been known to invite people over and watch it, score-board and all! The dresses (they can be too hideous for words), the people who sing off-key, the total ridiculousness of the whole act. And then the voting! It takes almost as long as the competition itself. There's a professional jury (per country) scoring and then Europe is invited to phone in and vote as well. Every country (all forty) is then linked up with the center of activities (Oslo) and gives their points. It takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages....

Ah well, just for fun: Sieneke (our entry this year) and the winner of last year: Alexander Rybak from Norway. Enjoy!!

PS: my ankle is still hurting, but it's not broken and I can walk pretty normal. Thank you all for your concern.


  1. I have never heard of this. It sounds like fun. My daughter turned me onto Lordi earlier this year(me being a metal fan and all).
    So very glad to hear you are feeling better. Go slow on the dancing!

  2. Those were different. I especially like the guy from last year because he sang in English. What was she singing about? I did like the clock people, if that is what they were! That sounds like a HUGE competition. Thank you for sharing that information.

  3. I've heard about this, so it's nice to know a bit more. What a big event it is! Sorry your girl did not advance, but I'm sure it will still be interesting.

  4. I grew up wit the Euro vision song contest... it always was a special night. Liked it until all the 'other' countries started to join.

    B.t.w. I think Shalalie shalala is AWFULL! How can they send a song like that, and aspect to win anything?

  5. @Lordi: well, if you like metal, Lordi is perfect. But it was a first for Europe!

    @Just Breathe: I think she was in love. Have you ever heard of the Smurf song? Her song was written by the same person who wrote that...

    @Anvilcloud: interesting is another word for it :)

    @Monique: TROS! That's all I will say: TROS!


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