Sunday, 6 December 2009

Saturday Archive (on Sunday)

My sister and I have been going on holiday together quite a few times. We went to Belgium and Luxembourg, we went to Ireland, we went to Wales, we went cycling in the Netherlands (never again). And for some reason people always want to take photos of us. 'Are you twins?' was a question that we were asked on more than one occasion and it p'd me off big time. Until I figured out they thought I was younger and from then on it was okay.

This photo was taken in a youth hostel in either Belgium or Luxembourg (I'm guessing the latter) and we both were in a funny mood. It's not taken by someone else: my sister had a self timer on her camera! We did have a great holiday though. I had ants in my pants (the result anyway: I got bitten on my behind while listening to the call of nature), we saw several movies which were doubly subtitled (Dutch and French), we got stuck in traffic in Luxembourg and we saw cartoon walls in Brussels. Good times...


  1. Cute picture. How sweet to spend time with your sister.

  2. what fun!
    love the background
    how do you do that and not lose all your side stuff?
    got ive and holy today
    it will be on my blog tomorrow with a thank you picture to put on your blog!


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