Thursday 10 December 2009


Well, when this post posts (I've preposted it), I will be somewhere in Denmark trying to understand the signs. The picture signs are fine, it's the written ones that are the problem. But no point in getting all grrrr about it in advance (as I'm writing this on Tuesday and I may not have any problem with written signs at all).

I will be back on Friday. At first I was supposed to get back sometime after midnight (which would mean I would be back on Saturday really), but I've seen they already want to leave at midday! No argument from me, even though traffic will be a lot heavier then... Ah well, I will tell all about it asap and hopefully show some photos too! Probably of one of the companies we're visiting today...


  1. have fun and be safe!

  2. My second time visit to your Blog. You have a really nice blog. I would like to know how you do a background like the Christmas one you have done. This note comes to your from Sacramento County, California.


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