Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Well, apart from being quiet work-wise, the last couple of weeks have been very busy present-wise. During the birthday weekend my friend gave me a shirt and two denim jackets. When I arrived home last night I realised Goldilocks had been in. Not eating, but leaving food: my mum had made 'snert' (thick pea soup) and left a couple of portions in my freezer. She had also left a chocolate letter (yum) because of Sinterklaas. Then last night I also was able to finally collect the package that had arrived from Germany, containing yet more Christmas films I have bought.

From this week until Christmas, work should be quite busy. I was in Germany during the weekend and will leave (very very early; yikes) tomorrow morning for Denmark for three days. With a total of fourteen (14) men on board. I don't know what's on during the weekend, but next week should again be busy with Christmas markets in Germany and getting all the soldiers back we delivered on Sunday! Well, it's better than sitting at home!


  1. when was your birthday and how did I miss that?

  2. Not my birthday, the birthday of my niece and the son of my friend. My birthday wasn't celebrated this year as I was just starting a new trip that day. And it's in June, so you didn't miss it!

  3. Maybe there are some nice guys on the trip?

  4. Yes, it's better to be busy. Be safe on the roads.


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