Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Have you ever been in the middle of a massive thunderstorm? Thunder, lightning and rain? Well, imagine about six of those. All around you. With lots and lots of rain, great gusts of wind and lightning from all sides. I can tell you, driving through that in what seemed to be the middle of the night, but was actually after day-break (so it should have been light), was not the most pleasant of experiences in recent times.

I already woke up at 1.30am from a lot of thunder very close by. Even my monsters scampered over me to get away from all that noise. By the time I had to go to work (at 3.15am), it had eased off and I could only hear thunder in the distance. The lightning was a bit more persistant though and while driving to my starting point I was occasionally startled by sudden lightning. After I left the army-base, it started to rain. Then the wind picked up, the lightning came from all sides and at around 5.30am, the rain came horizontally, tree branches were coming off the trees, blocking the roads and basically making my driving horrendously difficult. I even stopped for a minute, but then the rain had passed as well and we were able to continue.

I was glad I was in my coach though: the idea of Faraday's Cage was a great comfort!

PS: I didn't take the photo, I just nicked it of the www!

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  1. my husband is a member of search and rescue and he had to recover a body due to a lightning strike that traveled thru the ground and the man was laying in his tent and it just went thru his body and shut him down, very sad. i love love love rain but am scared to death of lightning!


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