Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Every year around the end of May, there's a huge gathering of gypsies from all over Europe in the small town of Saintes Maries de la Mer on the Mediterranean coast in France. We were 'lucky' to be there at the same time as they were. The first gypsy I encountered wanted to give me something, but I never take anything people just give me in the street, it's usually leaflets for some restaurant or other.

The second time I actually accepted and they pinned this little 'brooch' on my shirt. I talked to them for a while and wanted to leave, but I would have to pay first for that little tin brooch. I thought what the hey and gave her some money. The old lady then proceeded in taking my hand, pulling me to the side and reading my hand! I learned that I was still in the process of studying, was going to have a long life, would find love (I think) and that the numbers 3, 4 and 12 were important for me. Oh, and within 41 days I would have something important happening in my life. Then I was supposed to hand over more money!

I'm not really into all that wishy-washy, vague stuff. I read my horoscope, but I know and realise that those in the newspapers are written to fit for thousands of people. I don't really believe any of it. On the other hand (even while being grossly extorted), it was quite good fun to hear my future told and even some of the past. Mind you, most of what she told, she could learn from the way I present myself: I talk French, but you can hear I'm not French and have learned the language as a second (or fourth in my case) language; I'm single, but that's quite easy to see, since I don't wear any rings and there's probably more tell-tale signs.

Ah well, I have written in my diary when the 41st day is and if something happens: you will be the first to know!


  1. Ah! 41 days and we'll learn something wonderful about you. ;-)

  2. How long does it take for a cat to have kittens? :)

  3. gypsies! i really didnt know that they were still around,hmmmm
    ive never met one obviously but what fun!
    there is a stephen king movie that have the gypsies in it and it was a fun show, have you seen it? is that what they look like?
    so tell us more about this item they gave you
    they must have felt something from you that they felt you must have it!
    im guessing ANVILCLOUD that 41 days is how long it takes for a cat to have kittens? hmmmmmmmm

  4. @EG Tour Guide: Ah, ehm, well, I don't know about that...

    @Anvilcloud: if any of my cats is going to have kittens, I think I'm going to have them too: they're not in their original shape anymore!

    @Cry: I'm not really into Stephen King that much: way too scary. And the gypsies tried to give every single passer-by that little thingy and I was a sucker who took it!

  5. What! No tall dark stranger? Or maybe in 41 days....How exciting....Can't wait....


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