Friday, 1 May 2009

Black and white

I always take care when doing laundry that nothing goes into the wrong load. Fortunately I don't own any red socks, but I do own a lot of black(ish) clothes. I do sort though, so imagine my surprise when today, as I was hanging my laundry outside, I found a black sock amongst all the white work shirts! Fortunately, it didn't run, otherwise, I would now have ten greyish instead of white shirts.

And then, while hanging up load two: I found €0,50. That in itself isn't so remarkable. The remarkable thing was, that all that laundry was taken from my bed. I don't have any money in my bed, so where did that come from?

Life's mysteries...


  1. You're good - I throw everything in together ... I'm so bad!

  2. A gift from the laundry gods? LOL!

    Or maybe it was payment for the other black sock.


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