Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I like my hands. They are very useful. I can hold things in them, I can pick things up and I can write on them. All of which I do quite frequently. Writing on my hand is easier than writing on a piece of paper while driving: it won't flutter out of my hands onto the floor and I can't tear it.

I always write on my hand in Dutch. I am after all Dutch. I've lived in the Netherlands for most of my life. I speak, read, write, dream in Dutch.

So, I don't know what happened today. I needed some shopping and instead of writing a grocery list beforehand, I wrote the list on my hand while cycling! And the funniest thing: I couldn't remember the words. In Dutch anyway, the English was right there! So, in the end I wrote it down in English. Bug, because I needed insectenspray (bug spray) and blister because I needed blarenpleisters (blister aids).


  1. You know you're in trouble when you start writing blisterpleisters and well I guess bugsproeier or something like that!

  2. I also often jot stuff on the inside of my hand and make sure i do it extra dark so when i wash my hands i can still see what it says if need be by the end of the day.
    can you write my name in dutch for me?
    its crystal dawn
    what fun
    maybe you can teach us words in dutch on your blog!

  3. oh, how funny that you forgot the Dutch words! I wonder why that happened?!

  4. @Marie Reed: I knew I was in trouble yesterday. Especially as I'm heading for France today!

    @Cry: your name in Dutch would be Kristal Ochtendgloren. And just the cry part would be Huilen

    @Picture Each Day: I spent quite some time in England lately, I watch a lot of English telly and read mostly English books. That could be the reason. Either that, or I'm going mad!


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