Sunday, 3 May 2009

Excues my Frnehc

While cahtting to my goddaughetr A. the other day, her spelling was all over the place. Mine was reasonably okay, mostly due to the use fo the bakspace and occasionally the delete button. Of course, if i don't sue those button keys, myspelling is all over the place as well. The mainr ason beaing (most probably) that I looke at the screen while typing, which alwasy makes my typing worse and the fact I;'m occasionally thingking too fast for my rat slow typing.

So, just to show you, what my swiritng would be like without those ingenious keys like backspace and delete, I've decided not to use them oin this post today. I'ts hard not to do so, but I've resisted. so far.

Tomorrow I will be psoting normally again, makind tefintiely more sence than today. And I can see, I really need to do so, because I don't think half wof what I've rwriiten today is actally intellignet or intelligeble writing.

PS: This is genuinly the way I type adn If I take care I can do it more or less perfect, howerver I don't always take care!


  1. I amke plnety of tpyos oto.

  2. Yuo carck me pu!
    No seriously, I laughed out loud reading about your abominable typing skills. My typing of course is flawless. Yeah, uhuh.
    I blame all the English-mistakes I make on typing errors. And pure ignorance. Hehe. Thank god for the backspace and delete keys and for sites like

    Thanks for caring my sweet, well you know how it is when something is going wrong in the animal dept.

    Hugs xx

  3. Hahaha! Yep, I did that once on a forum I frequent. I was complaining about how many istakes I make and someone said 'Ha! You??' so I typed the next post without correcting. LOL!

    Oh yeah, and the missing 'M' up there is because it sticks. Nothing to do with my typing at all. ;)

  4. ha , well thank you very much for including me in your blog , il make sure to use my backspace next time i chat to you haha :)


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