Saturday, 2 May 2009

For A.

Last night I was chatting with my 14-year old goddaughter A. She was happy I didn't use any photos of her on this blog and was wondering where I got the inspiration from to write so much.

I guess every (regular) blogger has the same problem: what to write about. Is laundry interesting enough or just plain boring? And what about photos? Which ones do you use?

I've made it a point never to use photos of people who don't (photo)blog themselves. So, if you see one of my sister, that's because she blogs (as seldom as Hailey's Comet) and occasionally even uses photos of herself.

And what do I write about? Well, mostly about what happens in my life. From the mondain (like yesterday's laundry) to the foreign trips I take. I try never to use names and prefer to stick to initials or just 'that woman' (or man)!

For me, blogging has an added bonus: apart from finding friends from all over the place, it gives me the opportunity to vent. I can tell people about my day, be it good or bad and get some compassion, some laughs or sometimes even some critical words. And it keeps me calmer than I was before blogging. I have outed it to the world, so no need to fret over it anymore!

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  1. We walk a fine line between being open and respecting privacy, but we do it pretty well.


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