Friday, 17 April 2009

A+ with a Gold Star!

Yesterday, as I was working (consisting at that point of reading the newspaper) I got a phonecall from the planner's office. A girl called Wendy was on the phone. "You know the trip you took the other day, with that school, to London? Well, they phoned the agency and told them that you deserve an A+ with a Gold Star! They loved you!!" Well, you can imagine me growing under her praise. My five foot seven shot up to six foot at least!!! But then she continued: "Now, the agent has asked whether you wanted to go on another trip to London, but this time it will be a school that has never been to London before? How about it?" I had to think about that one, because around the time that trip should take place, there would also be a trip to Ireland in the pipeline. However, that trip was cancelled due to lack of interest (???), so I said yes of course!

An A+ with a Gold Star! I'm gloating now...

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