Friday, 3 April 2009

Great day!

First of all, I would like to thank David from Authorblog for his inclusion of my blog (well, the "K is for..." post) on his post of the day. I didn't make it, but I was a topcontender. Thank you so much David.

Today was a great day: beautiful weather and an easy trip: high school students. I've written about high school students before and more specifically about the teachers and that most of the time they seem to think that any trip on a coach is a free for all and to hell with all school rules. So, when I realised that I would be driving high school students today, I was expecting the worst. As you do. But as I said, it was a great day today.

I had 17-year olds on board. Students who will be taking their final exams in only a few weeks. Perhaps that was also the reason half of them didn't show up. There was only one teacher on board, who knew very few (if any) of the students and who sat next to me the whole trip. But the combination of age, school level (preparing for college/university) and number (only 25) helped to keep them quiet and friendly. The teacher went to check up on them once and they were sitting quietly. Talking to each other and looking outside.

On the way back we got caught in traffic, but I was prepared and had a video going. Half of them were watching, the other half were chatting. No problem there. When we neared the school, I got the teacher to take a binbag and collect all the small binbags, so the coach was clean on arrival. When they left the coach, most of the students said goodbye and/or thanked me.

Do you know, I might actually start liking high school students...

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